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Please refer to our Selection Criteria to see if your project qualifies for our live crowdfunding events.

TFN white label events info can be found HERE

Application Form:  Download the application form for charities here. 

TFN supports non-profit organisations that aim to achieve positive social change, meaning that they have the potential to create enduring positive transformation for individuals, communities, society and/or the environment over the long term. More specifically, TFN funds organisations that aim to do one or more of the following:

  • Address issues of inequality and disadvantage

  • Provide advocacy with the potential to improve society

  • Change attitudes, behaviour, laws and public policy

  • Find a better solution to an underlying problem

  • Pilot solutions with the potential for expansion

There may be restrictions on the geographies or beneficiary groups that TFN will fund, dependent on event themes and sponsors, however, the organisation must be based in New Zealand.

TFN supports organisations that would be defined as small to medium-sized, where the amount of funding we raise at a TFN event would make a genuinely useful contribution. Specifically, in New Zealand this means organisations with an average turnover of $500,000 pa or less.

If you are interested in applying you can download the form via the link above, or for further information please email info@thefundingnetwork.org.nz.

TFN NZ has supported the following projects/charities to date:

  • InsideOUT

  • Wellbeing Trust

  • Urutapu

  • Aunties

  • DOGabled

  • Bellyful NZ

  • We Make Happy

  • The Kindness Institute

  • Everybody Eats

  • Mixit

  • Māpura Studios

  • Mind Over Manner

  • The Circability Trust

  • Tread Lightly Caravan

  • Te Whakaora Tangata Amokura (Teen Parent Programme)

  • Clown Doctors

  • Nga Rangatahi Toa Creative Arts Initiative

  • Assistance Dogs Trust New Zealand

  • Fair Food

  • Young Carers NZ

  • Crescendo Trust Aotearoa

  • Common Unity Project

  • Orientation Aotearoa

  • WorkerBe Oasis

  • Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust