TFN Global

The story so far

The first TFN event was held in London in 2002. It was the brainchild of Dr Frederick Mulder CBE who, along with three friends and fellow donors, recognised they could have a greater impact on the issues and causes they cared about by pooling their funds, than each of them could achieve on their own.

Since then, TFN groups have been established in Canada, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania,  the United States and Australia. Between them, these groups have hosted more than 247 events based on the TFN model which have raised nearly £4.5m for 856 projects / organisations. These events were attended by 19,345 people of whom 15,837 made donations.  Dr Mulder has attended most of these events and made pledges at all of them. He remains a central figure at TFN global and continues to work tirelessly to spread the model around the world.

In addition to funds raised at TFN events and the valuable skills and experience gained throughout the process (e.g. pitch training and mentoring), a number of organisations have gone on to leverage further support (cash and in-kind) from members and guests after the events. Guests often cite an increase in their general knowledge and confidence around giving as benefits of attending TFN events. As such, TFN is very much a capacity building model.

TFN Global aims to democratise philanthropy around the world by providing an attractive and accessible entry point for new givers and offering the opportunity for deeper involvement through membership. The TFN model caters to a group we describe as the "mass affluent”. Those whose giving may not put them in the same league as Bill Gates, but who nonetheless have the capacity to make meaningful financial and in kind contributions to issues they care about, and to experience the fulfilment and enrichment that comes from doing this.


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